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Having someone with you that cares just as much as you do if not more about you reaching your goals could be what you were missing this whole time!


Working out should work with your life not against it! That means the workouts are going to fit into your daily life. beginners all the way to advanced are welcome and encouraged to get a custom program from Jakes Coaching


You should be able to eat what you want and still reach your goals! My Nutrition programs don't require any food tracking at all and I encourage you to eat what you want! I will just show you how to do it


Jakes Coaching was started to help busy parents and people accomplish their weight loss goals without the need for food tracking or workouts that take up their entire day!

We believe that fitness and nutrition needs to work with your life not against it! We want you to eat the delicious foods you love because ultimately that will be what you are able to stick too forever! Our Philosophy is if you can't stick to something for 10 years there is no point in doing it for a day. Because whether you lose 20 lbs or 100 lbs if you gain it all back or can't sustain what you are doing what does it matter anyway.

We have developed the ultimate program that will create the longest lasting results possible for you and everyone we work with! We even offer a guarantee that we will provide everything you need in order to never need another coach or program EVER AGAIN! A one time experience to change your life for good!


Jake has been in the fitness space for 14 years learning the ins and outs of what are the most effective practices to help get you to where you want to go!

Along with extensive experience Jake is a certified nutrition coach and has a masters degree in exercise science.

Even though it is not a requirement to have this much education and experience Coach Jake goes above and beyond to learn everything he possibly can in order to provide guaranteed results to his clients.

Nothing matters more to him than you seeing the dream results you've always wanted!

Pricing Questions

Programs are completely custom so pricing varies based on needs, time length, and goals!

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Jake. YOU ROCK! You listened to what my goals were, created programming to help me get there, and most importantly, taught me the HOWs and WHYs behind what we were doing. You also didn't give up on this work-aholic who needed nudges some (well...actually a lot) of days and weeks 💪

Denise Gonzales

Jake is fantastic! Definitely someone you can fully trust with your goals and along your fitness journey. He’s extremely supportive, willing to answer any questions, checks in continuously, and keeps your best interest in mind. He will never lead you the wrong way or put you on a crazy health fad. The results are true and they last!!

Lauren Onstott

I truly cannot say enough about Jake! I came to Jake 3 months postpartum, breastfeeding, and goal upon goals. He took everything into consideration and made a fool proof, realistic, health and fitness program to meet my needs. From the start, Jake has been very consistent with me, always made himself available, and very encouraging. He has made feel like my goals are his own personal goals. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to work with Jake!

Tarcie Corzine

Jake is an amazing coach with great communication skills. He customizes a plan specifically for you that will help you achieve your goals while still enjoying life. He always answers any questions that I have and never makes me feel bad or dumb for asking. I absolutely love being a client!

Ruth Fernandes

Definitely recommend Jake if you're interested in meeting your diet goals. He is a plethora of information...after all he has a Master's degree in this stuff. He's great about touching base with you and most importantly keeping you accountable, which is exactly what I needed. I always dragged my feet when it came to picture day. I'm not a fan of taking pictures of myself. He always pushed for those, and I'm glad he did. When I felt like I wasn't showing any progress - he would show me my side-by-side previous and updated photo to demonstrate that I was making progress! And let me tell you, that was very encouraging and pushed me to keep going!Like

Andrea Craft

Jake’s Coaching provided exactly what I needed in order to achieve my goals. As a coach, Jake is extremely personable and knowledgeable and offers a healthy balance between holding you accountable and offering you support. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get into better shape or who simply wants to become a healthier version of themselves.

Noah Thompson


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